Tacoma man pleads guilty to forgery and insurance fraud

Tacoma man pleads guilty to forgery and insurance fraud

A Tacoma man has pleaded guilty to two counts of forgery and one count of felony insurance fraud for filing a false auto insurance claim.

Cash B. Knott, 46, pleaded guilty Jan. 13 in Pierce County Superior Court.

On Nov. 6th, less than a month after getting coverage from Progressive Direct Insurance Co. for his 1992 Ford Ranger pickup, Knott filed a $5,674 insurance claim with Progressive. He said someone had scratched the paint, stolen his chrome wheels and tires, and stolen his navigation and entertainment system, 1,000 watt amplifier and other electronic components.

He provided Progressive with a Sept. 2 stereo shop invoice for $4,547.84 worth of stereo equipment, a copy of his check, and a bank statement showing the withdrawal from his checking account.

The problem: When contacted by an insurance adjuster, the stereo shop said it had no record of such a purchase. All they could find was that Knott had bought an amplifier -- for $109 -- on Sept. 2.

Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler's Special Investigations Unit obtained a search warrant for Knott's bank records. The bank found no checks written to the stereo shop, and none whatsoever for $4,547.84.

He's slated for sentencing on Feb. 17th. The standard range for the charges are 22 to 29 months in prison.

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