How to appeal when your health insurer says no

How to appeal when your health insurer says no

Seattle's KING 5 TV recently did a story on the case of a Tacoma man diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. After trying other treatments, his apparent only remaining option is an experimental anti-cancer drug that his insurer refuses to cover.

He contacted our office, and we're helping him navigate the appeals process. Many people don't realize that a denial by your health insurer is not the final word on the matter.

There are multiple rounds of appeals available, including to what's called an "independent review organization," which is a group that has the power to require your insurer to cover a treatment or procedure. And more than a quarter of the people who appeal to an independent review organization win.

How to appeal the decision? We've put together a detailed appeals guide with sample letters to send your insurer. Take a look -- and don't give up.

Here's the story from KING 5:

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