What is PIP and do I need it?

What is PIP and do I need it?

Auto insurance policies sold in Washington state often offer personal injury protection (PIP), which helps pay for certain costs suffered in a collision, including:
  • Medical expenses 
  • Lost wages 
  • Lost services 
  • Funeral expenses 
There are also things that it won't cover, including injuries caused when using:
  • Farm equipment 
  • Off-road vehicles 
  • Mopeds 
  • Injuries sustained while racing 
  • Injuries sustained while committing a felony
Also -- and this is important -- PIP does not cover services that your insurer decides are not:
  • Reasonable 
  • Necessary 
  • Related to the accident 
  • Incurred within three years of the accident 
Agents and insurance companies are required to offer PIP coverage, and you must opt out of it if you don’t want it.

Read more about PIP.  Questions? You can contact our consumer advocates online or call 1-800-562-6900.

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