10 Simple Ways to Spend Less by Toni Tiu For Lenddo

10 Simple Ways to Spend Less by Toni Tiu For Lenddo

Learning how to simplify has taught me to appreciate more of what I have. Eating out less has motivated me to be more creative with preparing meals out of the pantry, giving my cooking skills a little bump! If I have my coffee at home in the morning, I'm bound to order less during my breakfast meeting. You don't have to feel short-changed when you spend less. With these simple ways to cutting costs, you may just find yourself cherishing more of what you already have.

Double-check direct debits. What's trickling out of your bank account or credit card every month? Maybe there's an insurance premium you don't need any more, or a subscription to a magazine you no longer read.

Keep spare change. Instead of letting them accumulate in various pockets of your bag or random nooks at home, make it a habit to drop your spare change in a jar every end of the day.
Buy in bulk. These can give you better value for as long as you don't find yourself using more at home because you have more!

Make your own coffee at home and bring a thermos to work. Get your coffee kick at home, then bring a thermos full of coffee or tea to the office. Less trips to the coffee shop can make your pocket breathe!

Plan your menu around what's in the pantry. When composing your meal menu, check your kitchen cupboard. Plan your meals around the items you see. It's also a great way to make an inventory of the stuff you already have.

Grow a garden. Plant trees around your home to shield it from the sun. The greens will help cool your home, so there's less of a need to turn on your air conditioning.

Eat in more. Cut back on meals outside the home to save more. Take this as a challenge to level up those cooking skills! Eating in isn't only cheaper, it can also be healthier with you taking the rein of the menu.

Stay on top of your mobile phone bill. How old is your mobile plan? Many new packages are often advertised to cater to the changing needs of subscribers. Do you surf the net on your mobile? Text more than call? It won't hurt to check out which plans work best for the way you currently use your mobile.

Stay home. "Out of sight, out of mind." If you're not at a mall or a bazaar, then you won't be tempted to go shopping. Steer clear of your computer if it's online shopping that taunts you!

Assess every purchase. "Is this nice to have or something I really need?" By questioning whether an item is a "need" or a "nice to have", you're able to determine how important the purchase is. Knowing if an item gives your lifestyle added value helps set priorities too.

My family and I still go out for a meal once a week and I do indulge in a frappuccino once in a blue moon. Simplifying your lifestyle isn't about deprivation but finding fulfilment in the things you have, in the things you can have without breaking the bank.

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