Affordable Trucking Insurance

Affordable Trucking Insurance

No matter what you are paying today for your Trucking Insurance coverage you can still find a cheaper policy elsewhere. In this bad economic time, insurance providers are hurting financially and because of this offer great discounts and savings to obtain a volume of customers. This situation is very beneficial for those looking for coverage.

The rate you will be charged for your coverage is dependant on a number of things, one of which is your age. If you are over the age of 55 you may be able to receive a discount for being a senior.
Another component in determining the price is your driving record. If you have a good record, meaning no tickets or accidents in the last five years then you may get a discount on your policy.
Most truck drivers have other types of insurance coverage in addition to their trucking insurance. If this is the case for you, using the same provider for your trucking, auto, and homeowners insurance will save you additional money.

The higher that you set your deductible the lower your insurance premium will be. For instance, increasing the deductibe from $100 to $500 may save you up to 10% on your premium.

You might be concerned about how to come up with the funds to meet the higher deductible. A good way to do this is to open a savings account and put money into it every month. Once the balance has reached your desired deductible amount then make the necessary changes on your insurance policy.
Do not file claims that have expenses under or close to your deductible amount. These claims are called bad claims and will dramatically increase your insurance premium if you do file them. It is in your best interest to pay them yourself.

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