American Eagle Gold Proof Sets: 6 Reasons To Invest In Proof

American Eagle Gold Proof Sets: 6 Reasons To Invest In Proof

Are you wondering whether you should invest in American Eagle Gold Proof Sets versus the plain vanilla American Eagle Gold Bullion coin sets? You're not alone.? Many gold bullion investors often? wonder which version of the two they should purchase.? Gold proof?? Or gold bullion? The answer depends upon your reason for wanting to purchase the coin in the first place.

Are You An Investor Or A Collector?

Typically, gold is purchased as a hedge against inflation, a declining dollar or as an insurance policy against financial catastrophe.? Both the American Gold Eagle Proof coin and the? American Gold Eagle bullion coin are the same size, and contain the same quantity and guaranteed quality of gold. Let's look at the differences between the two types of gold:

American Eagle Gold Proof Coin Sets
1. Are special collector's edition coins
2. Are produced in limited quantities
3. Struck at a higher quality standard
4. Comes pre-packaged in a protective blue velvet, satin lined case
5. Are shipped with a certificate of authenticity
6. Are available for sale directly from the U.S. Mint

If love to collect beautiful coins that have the potential to increase in value not only for its gold content but for its collectibility, go with the proof version!

American Eagle Gold Eagle Bullion Coin Sets
1. Value is determined soley by the current market price of gold at the time the coin is purchased or sold.
2. Are not purchased for their age or rarity
3. Are not available for sale from the U.S. Mint
4. Must be purchased from an authorized dealer

If your main goal is to purchase the American Gold Eagle coin in order to capitalize on the rising price of gold, with the hope of selling and making a profit down the road, go with the? bullion version!

eBay can be a great place to find some of the rare, earlier dated gold proof sets.? However, before buying any American Eagle Gold Proof Set online, please be sure the seller is reputable? and has a high, positive feedback number!

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