Arizona Health Insurance

Arizona Health Insurance

When looking for the best Arizona health insurance quotes, it is best to either consult licensed health insurance agents personally or to visit a website with comprehensive comparisons for all types of plans. Below are some guidelines that can get you on your way to making a wise and informed healthcare decision.

Most importantly, educate yourself. Never settle for the first quote you see ? if you and your family or groups of employees are in relatively good health, you have better chances of qualifying for lower rates and all-inclusive coverage in Arizona. Treat health insurance like a product ? you are buying this insurance, and it only makes sense to scrutinize it first before you purchase. Your decision should never be based on hearsay or hasty assumptions. Take the time to read the provisions of several Arizona healthcare packages and compare them until you arrive at a decision.

This program is for individuals who do not qualify for other assistance programs because their income is too high. Yet they may be eligible for MED because their health costs reduce their monthly income to 40% of the Federal Poverty Level. Monthly cost is $0 or share-of-cost.

People who live at 100% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) are eligible for health, dental, vision and prescription coverage through AHCCCS. Pregnant women and children ages 0-5 are covered even if their income is up to 133% or 150% of the FPL. Monthly cost is $0 or minimal share-of-cost.

KidsCare is a program for children in moderate income families. Behavioral health services as well as a wide array of other medical services are covered. Children must be under 19, ineligible for no-cost Medicaid or employer-based insurance coverage, and must have had no health insurance for the last three months at the time of application. Monthly cost is $10-$25 for one child or $15-$35 for two or more children.

Use the power of online quotes. If you do not have much time to spare to talk personally to a health insurance agent, do your research over the Internet ? you would be surprised at how easy it is once you know where to look. Look for sites that put health plans side by side so you can easily match them up against each other.

Call the toll-free numbers. It might be difficult to understand health insurance jargon if it is your first time applying for one, so pick up the phone and talk to agents who are trained to thoroughly inform you of your choices. Remember that an inexpensive package is not necessarily the best package ? oftentimes, these cheaper packages do not cover certain common diseases or certain types of accidents and set you up for substandard hospital services, etc. But also keep in mind that there are great discounts that are offered either by new Arizona health insurance providers or seasoned Arizona insurers during promotional periods. These agents can provide the one-on-one consultation you need, answer your questions immediately, and straighten out any misconceptions you might have. Some Arizona health insurers accept phone-in applications (in addition to online applications). Once you receive a quote and agree to it, you can be insured in as little as five to ten minutes.

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