Carbon Footprint, What's Your Shoe Size?
Carbon Footprint, What's Your Shoe Size?

Carbon Footprint, What's Your Shoe Size?

One in five drivers is suffering from ? Green Guilt? according to research by Prudential.
There appears to be a trend that those who live and/or work in the city are more sympathetic to the problem of pollution. Whereas, in direct contrast, those who live rurally are said to be less likely to worry. Do we take our environment for granted; the answer to this question seems to be, unfortunately, yes.

3.5 million drivers confess to owning 3 or more cars, this would send the average carbon footprint rocketing skywards. There are some benefits to be had by decreasing your carbon footprint, cheaper motor insurance is just one of them.
So what can you do to make your carbon footprint smaller; Why not consider switching your fuel to join those who already benefit from cheaper tax and insurance in the diesel owning portion of the population. Diesel engines are typically much more fuel efficient than their petrol counterparts.

Ask yourself the questions; ? Could I manage with a smaller engine, could I car share, can I take the bus? And you will find the answer to these questions is more than likely to be ? yes?.

There?s also the option of converting your car to run on Liquid Petroleum gas.
This is a BI product of off-shore oil production and can be commonly sourced at most large petrol stations. It is seen as a good stop-gap between high emission petrol engines and a future environmentally friendly fuel source. On average it will cost you half the price of petrol (although returning only half the fuel economy); the advantage to the environment outweighs the negative aspects due to much lower emissions.

So when you decide to next swap your car, consider changing to a more environmentally friendly engine. Who knows, you may even save money on your tax and car insurance.

The conclusion it seems, has to be, what can ?you? do to help the environment?

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