Critical Illness Insurance: Providing Hope

Critical Illness Insurance: Providing Hope

Every human wants to lead a healthy and disease free life. Common ailments, such as a cold, cough, influenza, etc., afflict almost every human and can be cured easily. These are problems that have become a part of human existence, so much so that we have even stopped bothering about them.

A single visit to the doctor and a few doses of the medicine is all it takes to bring a person back to normal. It also does not pinch the pocket much. But in case someone is afflicted with a critical illness, things can become really difficult for the person emotionally, physically as well as financially.

A critical illness is any dreaded disease like cancer, heart attack or even AIDS that is either difficult to cure or completely incurable. It also includes total disability. It is extremely difficult for the person who is suffering from a critical illness to deal with the physical and emotional trauma. Not only the person, but his near and dear ones too have to undergo a tremendous amount of emotional stress along with him. Besides this, there is the escalating cost of healthcare services to deal with, and the dreaded disease engulfs almost all aspects of life.

Taking a cover under the critical illness insurance cover cannot take away the physical and emotional pain, but at least it can ensure that no person is deprived the chance to live. Also called the dread disease insurance, this policy pays the person a lump sum that is tax free in case he is diagnosed with a dreaded disease or suffers total disability.

With this amount, a person can avail the best medical facilities and take the best possible treatment for his medical problem. This insurance cover eases the financial burden of the person who is ailing and provides him hope of a healthy life.

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