Do You Have Enough Army Kit Insurance?

Do You Have Enough Army Kit Insurance?

Oliver, a 23-year-old soldier was outraged when he realized how much he would have to part with in order to replace kit that had been damaged during routine training exercises. ?There was no way I could afford to replace the army kit and feed my family?. Luckily, Oliver had extensive army kit insurance.

When you are out in the field, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of replacing costly army kit. Insurance companies are starting to understand the value of a comprehensive insurance plan for soldiers and military personnel who are forced to sign for responsibility for costly equipment they cannot afford to replace. This is where a good insurance plan can give immense peace of mind.

Standard issue army kits around the world 

There are some common elements to the different army kits around the world; they are all a mixture of costly equipment to keep you safe. Weapons, bulletproof clothing and even survival basics are all items that can be an expensive ordeal to replace.

Standard issue army kits can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars and considering the high-risk situations you might find yourself in, it can be exceptionally difficult to go your entire army career without having to replace various items in your army kit. Insurance is often seen as an optional extra, but in truth, the potential long run savings outweigh the small monthly costs to keep your army insurance up to date.

There are many other kinds of insurance plans that are essential for a soldier on active duty. There is little argument about the importance of a good life insurance plan. Because of the high risk factor in general army life, you will need an insurance plan that pays out generously. You will need to work out your monthly budget carefully before adding any extra insurance to your expenses. Once you have calculated what you can comfortably afford, make an appointment for a free consultation with a reputable insurance company.

Insurance scams are rife, and nothing can be worse than forking out a substantial sum every month, only to find that due to small print, there is little or no real coverage when you need it most. Spot insurance scams by paying careful attention to the attitude of the insurance agent. If you are feeling great pressure to sign off quickly, it?s likely that something is amiss.

About Abacus insurance : 

Abacus insurance has been providing comprehensive military kit insurance since 1988. We take military insurance seriously and aim to provide the best military kit insurance, and military life insurance plans to suit your needs. If you have any needs specific to army insurance, abacus has you covered! It was thanks to the comprehensive insurance plan from Abacus; Oliver was able to replace his army kit immediately.

You are a good husband, father and son to the different people in your life, it?s time to be a good soldier and organize a comprehensive army kit insurance plan for yourself.

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