Galactic Investment Ideas In Star Wars Lego

Galactic Investment Ideas In Star Wars Lego

A few years back, I was clearing out my garage getting ready for a house move when I came across some old crates of Lego. I don't know why I had kept the Lego, out of nostalgia I guess. As a kid I had loved building models and Lego was ideal. Not only could you follow the instructions and build the default model, you could combine sets and create new models, limited only by your imagination.

When I opened the crates I was surprised to find most of the Lego sets in good condition complete with boxes and instructions. Many of the sets were Star Wars themed, with "Star Wars a New Hope" being the big hit movie of the time.

I investigated on the internet what the Lego sets would be worth if I were to sell them and was amazed at the prices some of the sets were fetching. The Lego market for Star Wars figurines alone has at least doubled in the last five years and complete sets of the Millennium Falcon were (and still are) selling for fantastic prices at auction.

Unbelievably I was sitting on viable alternative investment that up to now had been sitting in my garage gathering dust.

I have since bought and sold more Lego than I ever found in those dusty old crates and unlike old fashioned stocks it has been great fun. Honestly, it's not going to make me financially independent over night but right now it's a great niche second income.

If you would like to start your own alternative Lego investment portfolio then the following may help you out:

  • Check ebay and Amazon regularly. Bargains can still be found and if you are looking to invest think about buying up the popular sets - Millennium Falcon, Imperial Star Destroyers, Sandcrawlers, Death Star, and Starfighters to name a few. You could resell these in a few years time and make some great profit.
  • Collector's are after sets that are in pristine condition. Complete sets with boxes and instructions fetch the highest prices.
  • Remember that some collectors are also looking to complete their incomplete sets and you just might have the Lego pieces they are looking for.
  • Don't forget the Star Wars mini figures. I had ten spare Stormtrooper mini figures that I sold for twelve bucks apiece, treble what I had paid.
  • Look out for any special editions that you see. A recent metallic gold edition C-3P0 set bought for $20 sold for $400!
  • Trawl local garage sales, many people look to sell boxes of Lego that are taking up space. You may just find the pieces you are looking for.
  • Pay attention to the latest hit movie and see what the clever Lego marketers are doing, for example Harry Potter. I've bought up many of the Harry Potter sets and I'm currently storing them in a cool dry place ready for resale in a few years time. 

Have fun, that's what Lego is all about and who knows, Lego could be your next very viable alternative investment.

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