Gold Theft & Manipulation - Through Central Bank Leasing

Gold Theft & Manipulation - Through Central Bank Leasing

There has been a huge cover-up in the price of gold. This price suppression has been going on for years. Central banks have been at the center of this manipulation and the evidence can be found in the commodities and future trading commission reports. Mr. Theodore Butler with due diligence is the main person responsible for following the long chain of events that finally led to the discovery of these price manipulations and cover-ups by central bankers for years.

Legal Practice of Leasing Out Precious Metals

Before the central banks entered into this leasing game, the leasing or swapping of precious metals from one mine to another was used when production for whatever reason was stopped. Because mines sell future contracts during production, during a shutdown they would be on the hook for contracts already sold. The practice of leasing a quantity of precious metal from someone else who had reserves on hand would be used to cover the shortage in supply. Then when production resumed the mine would pay back what was borrowed. This legal practice of leasing out precious metals still goes on today.

Illegal Practice of Leasing Out Gold

The practice of leasing gold for less than legitimate purposes has been going on now for many years. Bullion banks lease out quantities of gold to governments and central banks. At this point it is important to note that the Federal Reserve is also suspected in receiving shipments of leased out gold from bullion banks. Undeniable proof of this has yet to surface, as to the Federal Reserve's involvement.

However evidence gathering by the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee or G.A.T.A. has serious reason for suspicion. They are staffed with an army of commodities analysts and attorneys that say, anyone with any common sense who reads the documents they have discovered will clearly agree the Federal Reserve is heavily involved in this corruption. G.A.T.A. also says that the gold the Federal Reserve has received is the main source of the gold used in the leasing scandals. But other central banks are taking part in these illegal practices as well.

These central banks are engaged in receiving leased gold then selling it into the markets with the specific intention of driving down market prices to suppress the market. Further evidence that has been uncovered, points out that there is likely only between 40 to 60 percent of the physical gold left in these central banks. The physical gold sold to manipulate market prices also is the same physical gold that is going into the hands of the physical investors.

How Did They Do It

A government, the Federal Reserve or someone who has access to gold would lease out that gold to a bullion bank. The bullion bank then sells the gold on the open market to force the price down. Then profits were used for purchasing options or future contracts. What remained was being used for purchasing US. Treasuries which were paying out five percent before. While the lease rate was around one quarter of one percent interest. The spread was then pocketed. It was a perfect scam as it actually created free money at the end with zero risk.

What happens once the public becomes aware that a major portion of gold in the central vaults went missing that otherwise was thought to still be remaining? The answer is simple; the price of gold will skyrocket from the shortage of supply. The central banks themselves will become entangled in the world's largest precious metals short squeeze that they helped to create, and they won't be able to manipulate themselves out of it this time around.

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