Home Loans - Factors Affecting Your Loan Payment Amount

Home Loans - Factors Affecting Your Loan Payment Amount

There are many factors that affect how much instalment amount you pay for your home loan. Understanding these factors will save you time and money.

Federal discount interest rate

Banks and lending institutions borrow money from the federal reserve banks. The discount interest rate is the rate charged by the reserve bank to the lending institution. The federal bank board of directors decide on the interest rate.

This discount rate also called as prime interest rate is the interest rate on short term loans that banks charge their customers who have a high credit rating and are in good standing with the bank. You can get more information on the discount interest rate at

Your Credit Report

Consumer reporting agencies collect information about you. In general they gather and sell information about where you live, what you do, have you been sued, have you filed for bankruptcy, do you pay your bills on time and so on. When you request for a loan, your lender will pull up your credit report.

The FICO score is a method of determining the likelihood that the consumer will repay the home loan.

Business Factors

Banks and financial lenders are in a business to make profits by serving the customer. They have to balance profit with competitive factors. If they charge little based on your credit history, they risk going out of business.

If they charge too much, they risk losing you to the competitors. Therefore, to get the best home loan deal, it is important to shop around.

Some of the online sites like  offer an incredible service where you fill in one form online and multiple banks compete for your business.

In summary, the above listed three major factors are the prime lending rate, your credit report and business conditions such as competition. In order to get the best rates, keep a good credit history by paying bills on time and shop around for best home loan rates.

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