Richard Cayne On Why A Professional Investment Advisor Is Worth Their Weight In Gold

Richard Cayne On Why A Professional Investment Advisor Is Worth Their Weight In Gold

Do you have sufficient capital to invest? Do you want to invest it in a professional and unemotional manner? Are you looking for appropriate investments for your capital? If yes than Richard Cayne Meyer Asset Management Ltd suggests you to seek help of an investment advisor or professional who can you give you unbiased information to make the right choices.

It's not so much what instruments to invest in but how and when to do so and how they all tie into your financial goals and objectives. A good financial advisor or consultant will also be able to tell you the right time to sell or buy and by the "right time" what is meant by that is a time that makes financial sense to do so after taking into account all the risks and making a carefully calculated decision based on the information in the market place rather than on emotion.

A Financial advisor or consultant is a professional and just like a doctor or lawyer should be unbiased and unemotionally attached when advising a client to buy or sell something. Everyone has heard the term "A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client" or a surgeon should never operate on their loved ones as emotions come into play which can cloud one's judgment from making the right decisions to buy or sell a financial asset. Meyer International Ltd, Richard Cayne says a true financial advisor that can do this for their client in a professional manner is worth their weight in gold.

According to Richard Cayne in Thailand, an investment advisor that can harness all the information available in the marketplace and boil it down to extract the salient points enabling him or her to give the right advice to their client is something to look for when choosing a consultant. Don't believe everything you read on the internet as there are many statements out there to mislead people or cause them to believe investing in one product over another may be the right choice. Talk this over with your advisor until it makes sense to you.

In Tokyo Japan where Richard Cayne had lived for over 15 years and at Meyer Asset Management Ltd he has much experience with advising both corporate and individuals on offshore investing and investments and has always noted that Japanese clients typically would make two fundamental mistakes. One being many would simply want their investment professional to take care of their money without them neither knowing all the details nor having an understanding of where their money is being invested. This is a mistake because if you know how and why the investment makes sense than any individual will be far less concerned should the investment go down and they would better understand that with many investments there may be swings and so while down will understand when it may go up and conversely if the investment is up they will then better understand as to why so they will be then better able to allocate more of their portfolio to investments that they understand and make sense for them. The other mistake is panicking and selling short out of investments that are down but have an excellent chance at rebounding and this is exactly where a good consultant or advisor is worth their weight in gold if they can accurately explain to their clients until the client has a clear understanding of where their money is, why and the risks and opportunities that are present. In Japan it is not always thought appropriate to question professionals but Richard Cayne says that is exactly what is needed and always question your professional advisor.

As far as selecting an investment advisor is concerned, Richard Cayne suggests that as the financial industry is full financial companies and advisors of varying quality, the investors need to choose reliable, reputed and knowledgeable investment advisors who possess extensive experience in the financial field. Most importantly however is to choose an advisor or consultant that will be glad to explain and answer why the investment they recommend is appropriate for you.

Richard Cayne having lived in Tokyo Japan for over 15 years now resides in Bangkok Thailand and is Managing Director of Meyer International Ltd the Asian servicing arm of Meyer Asset Management Ltd having ties with over 200 international financial institutions. The Meyer Group is a member of Asia Wealth Holdings Ltd which is listed on the PLUS Stock market in London UK.

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