Who Are Home Credit Providers

Who Are Home Credit Providers

Home credit providers are companies providing home collected credit services. They give you some opportunities which are not easy to come by with the high street banks and financial institution. Regardless of your credit history, a potential customer still stands a 100% chance of securing a loan with such companies.

You don't even need a bank account! They always consider your individual circumstances even if you have a poor credit history - even if other companies may have turned you down in the past. They are often able to offer loans to people with a poor credit history, even a County Court Judgement (CCJ). Loans are given to people who can show they are now in a position to make repayments. However, they will only lend an amount they believe you will be able to repay. Having a poor credit history doesn't complicate things at all.

These companies provide simple, unsecure personal loans typically between the sums of 50 - 1000 for a fixed period of time. The credit service may include: Cash Loans, Debit Cards, Shopping Vouchers or even Hampers. These services are normally provided right at the comfort of the client's home. The loan term normally runs for less than a year or at most a year. Repayments for the loan are made either on a weekly or fortnightly.

There is always a fixed interest charged on the amount given to the customer and so the customer knows exactly how much they are paying back. The charges on the loan never increase, even if the customer had to miss payment for some unforeseen circumstances, it will only take them a longer time to make all their repayments. The home credit providers are always willing to work with the customers to resolve things. There's not always a penalty.

What makes the home credit service more unique and different from many other credit services is the way in which repayments are made. A friendly agent normally calls at the customer's home on a set day to pick up the weekly or fortnight payments. The days for payment are always flexible and easy for the customer can work around. The agent/customer relationship has been the heart of the home credit service and has led to its success in that it enables the agent to establish a professional but yet personal relationship with the customer which help them relate well to their customer's needs.

Most people use the home credit providers because they need some quick source of cash to bridge a temporary-cash flow gap, probably before payday. Others use then because they want small and affordable amounts of credit that they can repay on a regular, fixed amount basis for use on special family events like: Holiday, Wedding, replace household appliance such as washing machine or car repairs. Basically, most people use these services to balance their household budget and will always welcome the quick and convenient home credit service.

There's a quite good number of home credit providers available within the united kingdom and the republic of Ireland some of which include: Provident Financial Plc, S & U Plc, Cattles plc and Bristol Finance to name a few, with the largest and oldest being Provident Financial plc which has been providing home collected credit to ordinary people for over 125 years and has a reputation amongst their customers for a fair and trustworthy service.

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