You Can Make Your Retirement Savings Mushroom
You Can Make Your Retirement Savings Mushroom

You Can Make Your Retirement Savings Mushroom

We all want to retire. We know that one day we no longer want to (or can) work. For younger people, people under 30, the thought of retirement is on the back burner, but everyone young and old accepts the advice to start saving for the future. It just seems so, well, the right thing to do!

Financial experts tell us to open an IRA, or 401K and sock away money annually. Following the experts instruction, we should all be fixed for having a great retirement, right?

The financial industry says we should invest in stocks because the growth potential is historically greatest for stocks. So, we invest our IRA/401K in stocks. Having done this, we're set to enjoy the greatest returns over the long term.

So far, we've done everything right. We listened to the gurus and financial advisors. Everyone should be OK when they retire, then, with enough money saved up.

But this is not what happens, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a non-profit organization. In fact, many people can never retire after a lifetime of work.

The financial industry advertises a great deal to get your investment dollars. Almost everyone believes in the message and buys into it ? invests for the future. Why is it then that almost no one is prepared for retirement?

This question should bother everyone. With so much ?professional? advice, we should expect to have been better prepared.

Perhaps the advice and information that the financial gurus tell us is (gasp) wrong? That their information is , well, misleading?

There's a reason as to why almost no one can retire, even after following the advice of the ?experts?.

The advice is BS ! Follow the logic. One and one is two. The financial advice of the ?experts? doesn?t work for most people! If the advice were good, it would work for most people ? but it?s not even close. Wow, what a bummer! Now what do you do?

If drug companies marketed a product that failed to do what was claimed, the FDA would pull them from the market. But brokerage firms and financial firms get away with it!

What? You say the advice doesn't guarantee you?ll have enough money because the no one knows the direction of ?the market?. But without an alternative you keep contributing money to your IRA.

But what if there was a way that consistently provides people a HUGE retirement account. Of course, you don't believe this. You KNOW this is impossible.

And 500 years ago, EVERYONE knew the earth was flat.

Well, there actually IS a way that consistently provides a HUGE retirement account. And IT ALWAYS WORKS, and it works because it's based on simple arithmetic. Investment brokers won't tell you about it because their income depends on selling stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

You?re in suspense, and I won?t keep you guessing. The answer is that a retirement account that includes an investment in mortgage acceleration will grow to its maximum potential! Amazingly, your mortgage will provide you financial security. It?s not obvious to you, but the proof is hidden in the math!

Here, I'll ?splain it to you: you have a relatively short window of time and money for building your retirement account. During the years you're contributing to your retirement savings, you?re also making mortgage payments. While you?re trying to set aside money in your retirement account (in stocks that see-saw), your mortgage is steadily eating away any profits.

Consider a common case in point: a homeowner with a $2,500 mortgage payment, who makes an annual $3,000 IRA contribution. After 1 year, the IRA earns about $180, and the mortgage costs about $27,000 in interest! This is a money-losing strategy!

The answer is to accelerate the mortgage! Investing for retirement while also paying a mortgage is a losing battle. nevertheless, it?s what the ?experts? tell us, to save for retirement. So their advice is the reason why most people have meager retirements.

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