Young Driver Reputation
Young Driver Reputation

Young Driver Reputation

Younger drivers tend to have a bad reputation when it comes to how safe they are on the roads. To some extent this reputation is justified, as research by motor insurance company's shows that younger drivers tend to be involved in more accidents.

On the other hand it would not be fair to tarnish all young drivers with the same brush, as many are very safe and considerate when on the roads. The reason why more accidents involving younger drivers occur is often due to inexperience however this is not always the case.

It should be remembered that once an individual has managed to pass their driving test they are considered to be able to operate a car to the standard required. There are some situations where inexperience may result in an accident but more often than not it is other factors, which are the cause. For example younger drivers may indulge in risk taking behaviors when out on the roads. Risk taking behavior can be described as driving the car recklessly for a thrill or to gain kudos from friends.

This kind of unsafe driving puts not only the driver and passengers at risk but also other road users. But it not only the desire to show off to friends that contributes to bad driving amongst younger people; alcohol, drugs and general high spirits can often be the cause of bad driving amongst this age group.

These substances often result in an alteration in mood, which can lead to risk taking behaviors and result in unsafe driving. Research shows that it is more likely to be young men rather than young women who cause problems on the roads, with the majority of accidents occurring in the early hours of the morning. Further examination of the accidents that occur at this time of day show it is not down to the low light or inexperience in deriving in these conditions that cause the problems, as the number of accidents is not comparable to the number of accidents which occur during similar low light conditions at the end of the day.

This means that it is the way in which the young men are driving that is causing the problem. In order to prevent accidents from happening when young people drive, it is important that both their peers and their parents condemn any reckless driving habits. If the drive safe message is reinforced to this age group, by those who have the most influence, then it is more likely to have an effect. This means that friends and family should let young drivers know when they are driving in an unsafe manner and that they need to be more aware of their actions.

It should not be assumed that if a driver is young than they are likely to be more unsafe than a driver who is older, as people drive recklessly throughout the ages. But it is important that younger people are encouraged to drive well when out and about on the roads for their own sake and the well being of others.

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