Embarrassed By Your Relationship? Do This at Least 2 Times Every Year Until You're Not!

Embarrassed By Your Relationship? Do This at Least 2 Times Every Year Until You're Not!

Who else is embarrassed by your life love? Do you avoid parties around the holidays because you don't want to show up alone? Do you worry at family gatherings to be asked "what's new" in the love department, because you loathe the idea of saying NOTHING at all? Do you occasionally even lie or make up mystery men you are dating... simply to get your friends and family off your back?

The truth is, while that may seem funny to some, as a love intuitive and emotional love advisor, I can tell you first hand that MANY, many women do exactly  even STRANGER stuff as well, simply because they are embarrassed about their LACK of a love life.

Here is the thing. I truly believe that EVERYONE ought to consult a love advisor at least once a year, preferably twice. I believe that everyone should have their tarot cards read too, at least once per year. And it amazes me how many people who are MISERABLE when it comes to their emotional lives laugh off the idea of seeing a psychic as strange, or bizarre or too "out there" for them.

The facts are, some of the biggest celebrities admit to finding the loves of their lives, simply by consulting an emotional intuitive or energetic love counselor. (as some these days prefer to be called..:-)

Did you know that presidents from LINCOLN to Clinton have OFTEN had psychic advisors in the White House? It's  Lincoln was well known to have consulted mediums and clairvoyants for all kinds of IMPORTANT issues, (there are several books written on the subject) and Hillary Clinton was well known to have done the same just a few years ago! (until the press got a hold of the  she had to pretend it was just for entertainment!)

I may be biased, of course...

But I've seen it over and over and over yet again. A woman who simply cannot find love, FINALLY gives in and has a 20 or 30 minute love reading and her life CHANGES in a thousand ways...immediately thereafter. (and completely for the better)

If you are serious about finding true love in 2011 and  feel the tick tock of the clock, I can't think of a better gift to give yourself than that!

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