Every Moment I think of you it feels like an eternity - Capture that moment in a message in a bottle

When is the moment right to say what you have on your heart? Every day we all rush here and there, but for a moment we think of that special person, a friend, a loved one. That moment during our busy day we think of them, even though it is a second or a minute it feels like forever. Putting those feelings and emotions into something that could capture that "forever".

A butterfly flutters on by, its wings whispers your name, A rose basks in the morning sun, the scent reminds me of you. A gentle breeze caresses my face your touch, gentle. So many times, the words within my heart are unlocked by my soul, and they begin to come out - Love, Passion, Beauty, Grace
How I yearn to say these words, But don't know how, I just have.

But how does one put these words into something that will radiate that radiance, warmth, emotions. A message in a bottle filled with accent pieces of the moment, the forever.

Fill the bottle with different things from your favorite moments, ticket stubs, rose petals, sand, stone, crystals, emotions romance love, the forever. The Original message in a bottle shop has numerous styles of designer message in a bottles for you to capture the forever. They even offer free priority mail shipping on all their message in a bottles, to all 50 states. The Original message in a bottle shop has a large message harbor filled with messages to inspire you, or use of those and add to it.

Nothing can truly capture what we feel for that person but a message in a bottle from you can make them feel near or close to it every time their eyes gaze upon it. Capture the moment the forever in a Message in a bottle. Original Message in a Bottle shop....makes it  all eternityKeith C of DreamWeaver Studios

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