How to Write a Romantic And Sentimental Love Letter

How to Write a Romantic And Sentimental Love Letter

Have you ever tried writing a love letter but were unsuccessful? Why is writing about one's own feelings such a challenge to us? Here are some tips to help you write a good love letter.

Be honest. Exaggerating or even fibbing just to impress the other person is never a good idea. Remember that you're writing this letter to tell your object of interest or your partner why and how much you like  don't have to impress anyone.

Write clearly. Be precise and (rather) concise. A love letter doesn't have to be a hundred pages long to be a success. State your feelings clearly and try structuring your text a bit so the reader can follow your points. Your love letter doesn't have to be all structured out like an academic essay but it should have some structure to divide it into parts, and those parts should have a logical order. Clearly, you might be overflowing with ideas and emotions while you're writing your text but it's best to leave it for a day and reread it, not only to eliminate occasional mistakes.

Be romantic. This might sound obvious but some people confuse being romantic with using kitschy and cheesy phrases they have heard in a soap opera. Of course you can use a line from your favourite film or book to express yourself but don't overdo it. However, it is best to stick to your own words because you can say things more clearly and you can say them just the way would like to.

Be poetic. You can either use poetic vocabulary or rhyme or even use love poems in your letter. Poems about love are numerous so you have a huge variety to choose from. Try searching online databases that do provide love poems. Whatever love poem you choose, try selecting one that fits your situation and/or feelings as accurately as possible. If you can't find any, just try writing a little love sonnet or love poem yourself!

Don't type it out on your computer. Handwritten letters that include poems about love, even if your handwriting isn't the most beautiful, are much more personal and show that you've taken some effort in designing it. Moreover, handwritten texts are special in our age of computerised communication and have a very pleasing aspect of tradition and antiques.

With these tips writing you won't be shying away from writing a love letter or a romantic love poem. Enjoy doing it and just wait for the response!

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