Learn Rules of Attraction What Makes A Guy Fall In Love

Learn Rules of Attraction What Makes A Guy Fall In Love

Women are always confused with the question, what makes a guy fall in love? Women have this tendency to think that they know men and can easily attract any man. However, it is not true completely. Men think and go with logic. They may flirt around or stare at a sexy lady but that can be for short time. To be capable of answering the question what makes a guy fall in love is possible if you learn the rules of attraction.

Few rules of attraction :

Follow the golden rules of attraction. It does not mean that you spend your whole time wondering near the mirror; actually men look for something beyond the physical features. Typically, men like women whose confident level is sky-reaching and who can speak up confidently on any given topic. You should make him realize that he really needs you. If he uses your opinions in his daily routine, then he will surely start liking you.

Even if the world reaches new heights of modernism, men can never stop thinking about his superiority in comparison to woman. Show your intelligence but don't forget to ask for his guidance or discuss it with him before you take a decision. It makes him feel superior. The answer of what makes a man fall in love can be answered as 'let him be man'.

Some Women have this irritating habit of talking about 'nitty gritty' issues before her man. Talking about unimportant issues will make women unattractive to men and also a complete turn off. Men tend to be attracted to women who are confidence and tactful. This is the golden rules of attraction.
Never take yourself for granted. After having a steady relationship, women start taking herself for granted. She would not mind even if she is not looking good by thinking that her man loves her inner beauty more than outer appearance. It is completely wrong. Even if you are a ripe old 60 years old, to him you are still as beautiful. Be presentable in front of him. However, it doesn't mean overly dressed up or applying makeup to attract his attention. Take yourself for granted can be discussed in other term as well.

To be precise, master the rules of attraction and you will know what makes a guy fall in love

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