What Is Importance of Friends and Make Friends Online?

What Is Importance of Friends and Make Friends Online?

It is not easy to make friends. Real friends are rare in this world. Man is a social animal and instinctively seeks companions. We come across countless people but with everybody we do not make friends. The essential condition of friendship between two persons is affinity of mind, tastes, temperaments or pursuits.

We can make friends if we love people, if we are good and sincere to them and if we share their joys and sorrows. We are to make friends if we do to others as we would be done by. Friendship is a matter of give and take.

There cannot be all the 'give' on one side and the entire 'take' on the other. Equal sacrifice on both sides is a pre-requisite of friendship. True friendship is possible only between two equals in age, similar in thoughts, views and achievements. An old man seeks the company of an old man, and a student that of a student, a fat man that of a fat man and a pious man that of a pious man.

We can make friends if we are ready with our sympathy for others in their times of trouble. Adversity is the touchstone of friendship. Two friends are like one soul living in two bodies. Friends made at school are life-long friends. They bring to us memories of those early days when life was young and free from all cares and worries. The friendship of Zulfi and Bapu is a classical example of true friendship in our country.

We should not be soft-spoken flatterers who say what will give pleasure only, irrespective of whether it is true or false. We must speak out the simple truth, however unpalatable it may be, if it is for the good of others. We should always be sincere well-wishers of others, never sweet- mouthed sycophants, We should have a trustful nature. We should open our heart to a friend, holding back nothing. Secrecy is the poison that always destroys lasting friendship and so we must have no secret from a real friend, a true friend is an unmixed blessing.

Our aim must be to serve more than to exact, to give more than to receive. What is given must be without reserve, what is received must be recognized as a privilege. With the wider spread technology is being increased, people have got the short cut of all things. They don't want to west their time in the lindy work. There was a time when people want to meet the friends but they could not, because of the shortage of the communication. But now day's internet has reduced the all problems of our self we can chatting and can meet the friends easily through the website, which is called the make friends online. As we all know that there are many sites which are being used by the companies as well factories for the communication. But as far as my knowledge is concern is the best source of the communication than others sites which claim to full fill the expectation of the visitors.

And other thing there are also a popular site for the communication, for example face book, twitter, , as well as software's known as best for the communication for example Skype, yahoo messenger, etc. it means technol0gy is being increased day by day in the worlds, causes to reduce the problems. So if you find the problems related to your life so you can get the idea and can get the solution of your problems by using the make friends online.

I have seen many people they share their problems on the face book, twitter, and at , because they know that we can get the more idea which can be useful for our life. So my dear friends it is very necessary for you that if you find the problems you must share your problem if you want to do something good in the future. I hope that you must focus on this topic which I have discussed in this article.

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