Why Girls Love Valentine's Day

Why Girls Love Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can put a big, heart-shaped spotlight on the differences between boys and girls. Although, some people think that Valentine's Day is just for Couples, But Valentine's Day is the festival of Romance but this is also festival of love and respect for their family members and friends. We celebrate Valentine's Day because we want to celebrate all types of love.

Valentines Day for LoversValentine's Day festival holds immense importance for those in love. Lovers around the world anxiously wait for the festival as it gives them an opportunity to express love for their beloved and spend a day in togetherness. Celebrating the festival in a traditional manner lovers go out for date in a park or spend time looking into the eyes of their partners over a candlelight dinner. Indulging sweethearts with fresh flowers mainly red roses, chocolates, cards and other valentines day gifts of love is the other most popular custom of Valentine's Day for lovers.
Girls Love Valentine's Day because of that following reason.

1. According to the Greeting Card Association, an estimated one billion valentine cards are sent each year, making Valentine's Day the second largest card-sending holiday of the year.

2. About 85 percent of all valentines' gifts are purchased by men. In addition to the India and all over world, for celebrating the festival of love, these gifts for girls so girls love Valentine's Day.

3. You've probably already picked up on the fact that girls are competitive. Our jobs, our wardrobes, our bodies -- we compare everything, especially our relationships. For us, Valentine's Day is like the big game -- they really want to win. Even if you haven't been doing well all season, if you bring your A-game on February 14th, we'll be bragging about you for weeks. Send us flowers at work and we'll display them prominently for all our coworkers to see.

4. Girls love Valentine's Day because pink is festive colure Valentine's Day.

5. Girls wants, Love is just one piece of the love pie, not the crust, filling and whipped cream on top. There's nothing wrong with a holiday that reminds us to say "I Love You" to people we, you know, love. And its better when it's an excuse for you to buy them an ice cream cake which you will "share" with you because of those reason girls loves valentine day.

6. Girls who always want his boyfriends spend romantic time with us, so that valentine is the day when, girl's wishes are makes true so girls love Valentine's Day.

7. Girls get chocolates & gifts for their loved ones you because of those reason girls loves valentine day.

8. Girls can eavesdrop on your roommate making sweet Valentine's Day love to his boyfriend later in the night.

9. Love inspires creativity. Even if words aren't your thing, a love letter, poem or handmade card is the perfect way to express how you feel about their boyfriends.

10. If you have a boy friend, you become "Queen of the Nerds" for a Valentine's Day night.
Those are 10 reasons why girls love Valentine's Day. When we love, romance, appreciate, and communicate with our spouse in solid ways. So Valentine's Day should be just one of many ways to girls express our love throughout the year.

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