4 Fun Outdoor Dating Ideas with a Difference

4 Fun Outdoor Dating Ideas with a Difference

Do you love outdoor activities with your dating partner but are struggling for date ideas beyond going for a bike ride or walk in the park?

Here are 4 ideas for outdoor dates but they all have a twist to make the date more enjoyable.

1. Treasure Hunting

Not a boring day on the beach with a metal detector or a night sticking clues to trees. This is a a more fun way to have a bike ride, walk or even roller skating afternoon. Just make up a few envelopes with clues and number the envelopes. Give your date the first envelope and let them find the first location, each time they solve a clue just hand them the next envelope. Have a small gift for when they solve the final clue, whether it’s an expensive piece of jewellery, your last rolo or just a big kiss, your partner will have fun solving the clues and you will have the pleasure of watching them.

2. Fruit Frenzy

Whether you can get out into a field to pick your own fresh fruit or just visit a city fruit market together, spend a Saturday afternoon outdoors picking or buying fruit. Try something new, whatever is in season that you usually wouldn’t cook with. Whether you make desserts, wines or jams make up small gift baskets and spend Sunday afternoon together delivering them to friends. Try something like the BBC food website, where you can type in up to three ingredients and it will list top chefs recipes they have for that fruit.

3. Watch the Sunrise

Just before sunrise is one of the best times of day, it’s peaceful and you can watch mother nature in all her glory but who goes a date at sunrise?! Well you can, it will be such a surprise for your date. Prepare a flask of your favourite hot drink and some nibbles to munch on. Arrange to pick your date up so you will be at your chosen location about an hour before sunrise (whether your location is a scenic spot, a park or just the back garden). Wrap up together in the same blanket, sip your hot drink, eat your nibbles and star gaze as the night fades, then watch the sun change the world around you … so romantic.

4. Get Snapping

We all have a camera but few of us ever use them. Go for a walk, ride or drive whether it’s to a forest, lake or the local park and take photos of anything intersesting you spot. If you get any good pictures upload them to a website that offers free images, like stock xchng then you will have the pleasure of a day outdoors taking the photos but also fun indoors seeing where your photos are used.

Nothing there that takes your fancy? Then check out this long list of activities for outdoors and see if anything gets the little grey cells going.

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