Online Dating Tips – Getting Started
Online Dating Tips – Getting Started

Online Dating Tips – Getting Started

Online dating is a different animal to offline dating, you don’t have little nods, winks and smiles to indicate interest in someone. Subtlety simply doesn’t work online and being proactive is called for.

Getting started isn’t easy unless you are brimming with confidence but sitting quietly in the corner waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet is only going to lead to boredom.

I see new members joining my site, they register their profile and then sit back and wait for the emails to pour in.

I have bad news for them, it isn’t going to happen.

At this point people either give up on online dating or they move to the next stage.

The next stage is someone that plays the peek-a-boo game. They view your profile and wait for you to come and view theirs, then they come back and view yours again but then you have to go back so they know if you’re interested or not and so it goes on. Totally boring and usually by the time you have finished playing peek-a-boo they have been on 5 dates and are now in a relationship.

I have switched this function off on my site in order to save people from themselves.

The only way to succeed with online dating is to be proactive and get noticed. Find profiles you like the sound of and send a flirt, the worst that can happen is they don’t reply.

Before you even started choose a good dating profile username that will make people want to click and view your profile.

Drastically improve your chances of being noticed by including a photo on your dating profile as profiles with photos are known to get up to 10 times the responses of profiles without photos.

If the site has a chatroom or forums get in there and say hello. If the site has blogs then leave comments, people will see you are active on the site and come to view your profile.

Online dating isn’t rocket science, it does work if you join the right site and are prepared to communicate. Yes you will chat to people that turn out not to be your type and occasionally you might receive a rude message that you simply delete and forget about but the same can happen in a bar or cafe.

Playing the shrinking violet offline may work but online it simply doesn’t.

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