Can My Love Become a Life Partner?
Can My Love Become a Life Partner?

Can My Love Become a Life Partner?

This is a question that seems very simple and very typical. If you ask a young couple, you will definitely find a positive answer. However, if you contact your parents, you must return with a "NO" answer. Both of them are in their place. Both have different reasons and are quite important for their perception.

Most couples say that this is their life and they can choose the perfect partner for them. The most common reason they give you is that they can more easily adapt to someone they love than strangers. They say that they have good self-confidence and understanding that never allows them to cause confusion or distrust.

Parents have their own ideas. They say that they will experience quite a lot in life; They know what is good or bad for their children. In the view of most parents, there is nothing like love; it's just a messy attraction after a while. They have a very strong understanding that they cannot be wrong with their children; After all, they are parents. Although both were good, no one could find a solution to the failure of family life.

Why? As a rule, couples are sometimes wrong and in other parents. Actually both. No matter how conscious and responsible parents are or how deeply you fall in love, there are several other important factors. Avoiding the damn family life here is very helpful:

First, I want to come to parents who say they never want to hurt their children. whatever they do, only for their improvement. I am not saying that you are wrong; but also you cannot ignore your choice directly. If you don't want to hurt your child, why damage your image in his heart? If you are really careful and want to show your experience and intelligence, you need to use it to see if that person is suitable for your child.

Not only for those who are very strict, but also for those who are cheerful for their children. I'm not saying that you just left him and said, "That's his life." Parents must continue to monitor the lives of children. but not as property, but as guilt.

Now I stand before a couple looking for their partner in their love. First of all, you must recognize the difference between love and marriage. Lovers and partners in life, dreams and reality. You will understand what I mean. I am not saying that you should not believe that your love can be the best for you throughout your life.

You can find all the qualities of the perfect lover that you love, but don't need this perfection to be maintained if this is your husband. Even sometimes, perfect love You may not want to marry life. If you are in love, you both do not have responsibilities such as marriage, so you have the same expectations after the marriage is unfair.

In general, I want to say that when you are not in a dream, your love is bound to the real world, and if you are both right with your expectations, your love will surely live for your entire life.

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