Establishing good relations with your ex is not wrong
Establishing good relations with your ex is not wrong

Establishing good relations with your ex is not wrong

Establishing good relations with your ex is not wrong. No need to be carried away by the past atmosphere. Usually, when someone has been in contact with you for a long time, he knows how to make you comfortable.

Know makes you laugh, makes you happy, and makes you feel loved. He knows what tricks are used to get you back to the way you were and love him again. All your ex has memorized the inside and outside. This makes it easier for him to take you to the "times" when you were together first. So not infrequently, the ways he is able to melt your heart (again).

However, you should not get too carried away first. We never know what ex-spouse's intentions are approaching again. He could just be fun and try to play with you. Keep your distance and answer as needed.

As a party to being hurt, you must be firm. I have a friend who is always nice when his ex comes suddenly. Worse, not just once or twice, but many times, his ex can go and come just like that. My friend and his ex, still embracing each other, holding hands, even claimed to have kissed when their status is not dating anymore.

Can not be firm with the past it complicates matters in the present. My friend became difficult to move on and continue to hope with his ex. He never realized that he was only made into an escape when his ex only needed something for him. Well, this is also what you might feel if you can't act decisively with your ex-boyfriend. Say what you want to him. What things made you and him break up? 

Establishing good relations with your ex is not wrong, as long as you have made peace with the past. You have forgiven the mistakes of the two of you, you don't want to be involved again for a relationship or are 100 percent pure already moved on. If you can behave like that, of course the past will be a lesson.

Which is dangerous if you still continue to hope for someone who is not good for you. Try to remember what the two of you did wrong that caused you to separate. Whatever makes you finally break up - is it just a misunderstanding or a serious problem. If it turns out you still can not forgive him and think that you can not be like before, then you do not have to force to be good friends with him anyway. Because you have to be selfish by thinking about your own feelings, not others.

It's either your choice or not. Again, whatever the decision remains in your hands. You want to get back to repairing a broken relationship with him again, please. However, even if that is your decision. If you still want to be with him, make sure that you have forgotten his mistakes and did not bring up the problem first.

If your decision is not to be with him, then your advice is to ignore him. Let him continue to chase you because you have acted firmly on him. Assume he doesn't exist - just like he used to think you didn't exist when he found another woman / man.

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