Dating and drinking – do they mix?
Dating and drinking – do they mix?

Dating and drinking – do they mix?

Dating someone new can be a nerve wracking experience but is drinking the right way to relax and enjoy the date?

Isn’t alcohol an amazing thing, just a few drinks and you transform into a suave, charming, hilarious magnet for the opposite gender.

Unfortunately this is only true in your head and perhaps to your friends you are drinking with.

To everyone else you have merely degenerated into a blithering idiot, with as much sex appeal as a slug.

The other side of the coin is that a couple of drinks can relax you, making you more chatty and even a little flirtatious, which can be very attractive.

One of the difficulties of first dates is that you are tempted to have one too many in order to rid yourself of nerves and relax you enough to actually enjoy the experience.

Another factor to consider is safety, which is pointed out by Kathryn on The Dating Weblog

How to get it right :

1. Order wine by the glass rather than the bottle.

2. Drink half pints rather than pints.

3. If having a meal alternate your drinks with a glass of water.

4. Don’t think that a coffee will counteract the alcohol – it’s a myth.

5. Not attracted to your date? Then don’t drink, beer goggles really do exist and can get you into all sorts of difficult and unpleasant situations.

6. Met up with your date for a drink and are attracted to them? Suggest moving on for dinner, the food will counteract some of the alcohol but still pace yourself.

So the general plan is to relax and enjoy yourself but not overdo it.

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