A Safe Investment With A Good Return

A Safe Investment With A Good Return

Elvira's Paradise is in the business of providing quality and affordable accommodation, short and long term. Its aim is to provide a relaxing atmosphere in aesthetically pleasing surroundings, mainly for tourists who are touring Australia. Giving them a friendly, restful place to relax after their day's activities.

Elvira's Paradise has been developed in a manner to cause as little disturbance to the environment and it's natural surroundings as possible. All development and structures are complementary to the natural surrounds, not obtrusive, using first class materials to meet world-class standards.
Each site, whether it be a cabin, caravan site or camping site has been designed and created in such a manner as to give the occupant a feeling of being in the Australian Outback.

Elvira Loquias migrated to Australia in 1988, immediately gaining full time employment. Working mostly in the clothing industry as production manager for various medium sized companies. Branching out on her own in the form of E.M.L. Marketing Pty Ltd. Currently holding a contract with the Department of Defence as the Tailor at RAAF Base Tindal, Katherine, NT, Australia.

Six years ago she branched out into Property Development, buying and renovating houses for the purpose of renting out rooms rather than the full house. The strategy being that return on investment is greater than what would be attained otherwise. Expanding on this theory she decided to go into the business of providing accommodation for tourists in the Northern Territory.

The tourism market in the Northern Territory has been strong in the past and is still growing. Tourists are attracted to the Northern Territory from all over the world. The attractions are many, Aboriginal Culture, diverse species of wildlife (most notably crocodiles), the Outback, the vastness of the Northern Territory, to name but a few. A tourist can drive for 2,000klms from the southern border to the northern beaches of the Northern Territory and 800klms from east to west. Katherine is situated approximately 300klms south of Darwin, Australia's gateway to Asia. All Australians have the desire to travel throughout the country, it is bred into us at an early age and is an ambition fostered in the schools.

Overseas tourists come to Australia to see the wide-open spaces of the Outback as depicted in movies such as Mad Max, Crocodile Dundee and Wolf Creek. If a tourist is driving to Darwin from Eastern, Western or Southern States they all have to travel through Katherine. A survey conducted in 2007 showed that on one night alone there were 84 caravans parked along the roads around Katherine due to their inability to secure accommodation. The tourist season is during our dry season spanning the months of April through to September, but more and more tourists are discovering the wonders of our wet season.

Elvira is looking for investors to help her continue with her development. She is prepared to offer a percentage of the freehold and the business. This will give the investor and immediate realization of his investment, as well as excellent potential returns. She can be contacted via her website.

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