Jim Nussle Joins The Advisory Board At Avista Capital Partners

Jim Nussle Joins The Advisory Board At Avista Capital Partners

Avista Capital Partners has decided to name Jim Nussle to its Advisory Board. Avista is a well-known private equity firm, and they feel that Nussle's twenty years of experience in Washington will be a good fit and an asset to Avista. A former Iowa Congressman turned strategic consultant will help take Avista far into the future.

Why Jim Nussle for Avista?

Thompson Dean, the Co-CEO and Co-Managing Partner of Avista, is happy Nussle decided to join their Advisory Board. Due to his experience in DC, Nussle has key strategic knowledge that will help Avista navigate the quagmire of federal regulations and public policy related to business and the financial sector. Nussle is particularly suited for this position as an Iowa Congressman for many years and a former member of the White House Cabinet. Nussle is certainly in a position to improve Avista's Advisory Board.

Avista maintains its focus on healthcare, energy and media investment opportunities, meaning that Nussle's expertise in both government and business are key. Specifically, Nussle will advise Avista regarding investments related to the healthcare debate, national energy crisis and the debate surrounding media and technology and how they should be regulated. Avista expects Nussle's expertise to impact Avista's current investment portfolio, as well as influence where they might go in the future.

Nussle is looking forward to uniting his experience in regulatory matters and public policy to effectively wade through these issues to determine their ultimate effects on potential investment opportunities. Nussle is impressed by Avista's current investments in both natural gas and energy companies. Nussle hopes to improve these investments by exploring innovative and alternative technologies, new energy that is efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Nussle will also use his in-depth knowledge of health policy and tax issues to determine how healthcare reforms could impact Avista's investments both now and in the future.

About Jim Nussle

Nussle is currently the CEO and President of The Nussle Group, which is consulting firm with a focus on public policy strategies in a multi-disciplinary arena. All of this adds up to Nussle serving well on Avista's Advisory Board. Specifically, Nussle acted as the Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget under President George W. Bush from 2007 to 2009. Before he accepted this illustrious Cabinet position, he was an Iowa Congressman for 16 years, serving his state well. Nussle earned a B.A. in Political Science, Economics and International Studies from Luther College. He earned a J.D. from Drake University.

Nussle understands that in order for Avista to remain a viable and innovative private equity firm, he must help direct them through the ever-changing public policy and federal regulations related to their investment interests, like energy and healthcare. This will help Avista to remain on the cutting edge and make investments that will continue to pay dividends for years to come. Serving on Avista's Advisory Board will enable Nussle to effectively lead Avista through the possibilities of the future.

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