How TO Make Money IN Stocks

How TO Make Money IN Stocks

A stock of a company is a small share that represents the partial ownership of a company. Stocks are issued by company to raise their capitals and are bought by the investors in order to acquire the portion of company. Using a systematic approach is great way to invest your money and following a well-researched and profitable strategy will instill the discipline and patience required to make success of long term investing.

There are some strategies which will help you in Stocks Trading.

1. How to pick shares

there are some rules which we should follow before picking shares. You have to make strategy before picking share like risk. but there is no such

Things like risk free investment. In investment, there is economic cycle risk, company risk, exchange risk, income risk, market risk, industry risk etc. so you have to think how we reduce risk. There are some stocks which are very reliable in market whose rate of stocks is not fall quickly. So investors like such type of companies. Investors should go for the shares with high yields and if they survive long sell in a year. You should watch the directors of company what they do with the shares. Companies spend more than three percent of the total turnover they do well.

2.  Fundamental Analysis

when you decide what share to buy and when to buy then never forgot that there is no absolute price of share. the process of fundamental analysis is :-

You have to evaluate the business and its productsExamines its published accounts and return capitalTake a guess at their earnings and dividend prospectsJudge the company management

3. Systematic Investing

even we do not have large money yet we can start with systematic investing with little money. There are some important points about systematic investment.

Exit Load : 

it is the fee pay at the time of selling or buying stocks. It does not matter how much quantity you are buying or you are selling but it matters that how many times you are buying or selling because every time you will pay the fee. So we should minimize the exit load.

And the last and the most important thing that investors should remember. There are many people who always promote their stocks. They do this because they have their money invested in these stocks. If they can get enough people to buy the stocks, they can get the stock price to rise, and they will sell the stock at huge price. So always use our own brain. You should only invest money that you can honestly afford to lose.

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