Make Fear Your Investment Friend

Make Fear Your Investment Friend

One of the biggest fears most of us have is losing our money. After working long and hard to earn it, that is only natural, but it is one thing that prevents some people from investing in the share market. Everyone who watches the news will see how the value of shares in even blue chip companies seems to rise and fall like the ocean tide recently. As soon as values fall, many shareholders start looking to sell their shares and get out before they lose any more.

Experts in stock broking tell us that we should do the opposite, making this fear our friend instead of the enemy. In other words, investors should look to increase their investment portfolio in times when the bottom seems to be falling out of the market. Buying real estate property when the value is low is what the experts do; they know that the market will gradually rise again and they?ll be able to sell for a better profit than if they bought when the price was high.

So buying shares when they are of low value makes sense. Traditionally, the share market has kept on rising, even though there are periods of lows, just like in the real estate cycle of boom, plateau and fall. A wise investor will jump in and buy up all those low value stocks and shares when everyone else is scrambling to get off what they perceive as a sinking ship. He will get them for a low price and then the value will start to rise again, making his investment worth far more than it would have been if he bought in times when the share market is booming.

Stock broking experts tell us the oldest rule for investing is to buy low and sell high. The easiest way to do this is to buy during a recession, when the prices are low. An investment portfolio set up during such a time is sure to be a profitable one because it has two sources of increase. As the recession loses its momentum and the economy picks up, the value of the stocks and shares will increase. And there will be the natural growth increase of the companies they invest in. So next time the share market news seems to be all doom and gloom, make fear your friend and buy a few of those low-priced shares to add to your investment portfolio.

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