A Look at Love

A Look at Love

Love, the elusive force that underlies everything in our known world, what could it possibly be? In this field of opposites we call life we find Love as the only thing that stands alone. It does not have with it an opposite as the idea that we have come to know as hate has an emotional component that can be attached to pretty much everything that keeps us from fulfilling our desires.

To desire something is to want something you don't have, or to become something you are not, if everything is always as it should be, in perfect balance, then everything we do comes from a place that feels it is not content as we are always seeking to be more complete that we are by means of happiness. Happiness then becomes the most desired place which tends to feel like it does when everything is working out in our favor, according to the vision we have of our perfect life.

The ideas of distaste, disappointment, sadness, fear, anger, dislike etc... can all be seen as variations in hate intensity which is more the opposite of desire than love. Distaste as it contradicts your opinion, disappointment as it falls short of your expectation, anger because it doesn't adhere to your intention, or fear because it is unknown. All of these are simple contradictions to a desired outcome but have little to do with Love.

Hate then becomes a very powerful concept as it is viewed as the opposite of Love which suggests there is an opposite to existence in all its forms, or even worse it suggests that Love has something to do with the fulfilling of desire.

Sometimes the fulfilling of desire feels like Love as the release of the fulfilled desire feels similar to the release felt in Love, but once the desire is fulfilled it only changes appearance as you say "well done, what next?" and the answer is rarely "just be". Love on the other hand has a feeling that in every moment you are already exactly where you need to be, no matter where that is and no matter what you are doing.

If Love is not this feeling spawned from the fulfilling of desires then what is it? How do we find relationship to it? I was at the Calgary Center for Spiritual Living and the theme was "Love it or Leave it" the first in a series of Love themed topics for the next few weeks where the Reverend discussed the idea that as human beings we should Love people, (especially those we are in intimate relationships with), without expecting anything in return as this will either give birth to whatever unity the two of you are destined to share with the world or show you that it may be time to let go, as this may be the way to find growth. Either way it is a way to recognize the path of least resistance.
Alan Watts once said if everything is in free fall then what good would it do us to hold on to anything? Just let go and enjoy the ride.

"The Great Way is effortless for those who live in choiceless awareness, to choose without preference is to be clear" this is my favorite quote from The Book of Nothing (Tsin Tsin Ming). The path of least resistance is not always the easiest way, in fact it seldom is. You find yourself in constant compromise as you constantly bear the pain of the imbalance of the world around you, but it isn't yours! So we learn to let it move through us as it finds its way home, we let others bear the burden of preference as we cleanse them of the pain caused thereby.

You become the door that everything flows through as you open your heart to say "enter as you are though the inhalation of the breath, and I immediately release you, as you are, with an exhalation" You must release everything the way you find it, free of expectation, opinion or intention, so not to scramble it in such a way that makes it more difficult for it to find its counterpart and become unified again.

Although this message is of the utmost beauty and warmth it is important to know in your heart that it is the release of opinion, expectation, and intention that allows you into a state of true Love which brings into perspective that there is only Love, and that which takes us away from Love. Thus there is only "the way" and either resistance or openness arise as our vehicle in the going.

One of my great friends and teachers Frank Morton says:
"You have the right to refuse anyone sex or anything else at any time. But you do not have the right to refuse them Love because Love is understanding.
Understand one another. Love one another.
Not just in this community but in the world.

You don't have to associate with a fool, with a foolish man or someone that aggravates you or gets on your nerves. Someone that causes the vibrations around you become static and ridiculous.
But don't fail to Love him! To understand him and carry on.

Don't hate him; it's not us against them. It's not he against me. No one is against you! Even if the world were against you that's all right. How beautiful that is. Just stand alone in the light of God."
Love is understanding. Everything is always as it should be so why desire it to be different? No one person ever tries to purposely hurt another unless they believe it will bring them to a more desirable place by easing some of their pain. To them it is "he or I" and when all that is known as the "I" is the organism residing within our bodies, then they feel not the pain of others as everything exists outside of this self as something that pushes them around, so this is how they push back to feel valid, to feel that they do exist, that they have an effect, that they are significant.

Love is not something that you can give to someone or wait to receive from someone, it is something you share with someone, and the only way to share it is to be it. By loving someone, or understanding someone, they become you. You expand to include them as part of your being through which the current of Love flows freely. Their pain becomes yours and is healed simply in the presence of Love.
How do we embrace true Love and differentiate it from the satisfaction of desire? You will feel it when you give something to someone without intention, expectation or intention, when every gesture is complete unto itself. When it isn't a gesture to secure a favourable place in the afterlife or an attempt to impress someone or offset bad Karma.

When someone gets angry at you, and just when you feel you are about to react in your usual defensive manner, you suddenly understand that they are just looking for balance, and you take a breath and let it go, you can feel it as the current moves freely through you, and does not feel like it is taken from you.

You will know then and there that you are not a being that can be limited by anything but the relationship with your own thoughts.

It is our quest to find happiness, and yes happiness is Love, but Love is already the case thus everything we do essentially distorts our relationship with it, but it only stays distorted if we hold on to it.

Love is prior to thought and without description, it cannot be seen or attained, but is everything we feel. It is the building blocks of our world, it is the light we push to points to create the material world. When we stop trying to push it to points it will automatically be released back unto itself, the known released back to the unknown, creating the current that we can feel and understand as Love.

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