Only A Happy Man Can Make A Woman Happy

Only A Happy Man Can Make A Woman Happy

Being ready for relationship requires being male man or female woman first. Relationship requires being ready to love with the idea of being father or being mother before a happy relationship can start. Thus a happy relationship requires inner healing of both partners.

Most humans are for too long time far away from their heavenly home in God. As a result of such venture into worlds often separated from God and empty of God love, many got hurt and have hurting memories and inner injuries resulting in restricted passion or even rejection or denial of falling in deep love again.

A lack of interest in having children or a rejection of having children is nothing else but a refusal to really fall in love. To fall in deep love and to let love really and freely flow inside and outside between male and female.

Denial of being a male man or female woman usually results from damaged relationship or missing relationship with own parents. Love and romance between father and mother are the experience that creates desire to be a grown up male man or female woman or fear growing up as man or woman! Such fear thus results in suppressing inner woman or inner man.

If children grow up in a happy family with mother and father being in love with each other. In love means having a sweet romance and a happy love life even at advanced age. Then such children have experienced a positive example how relationship can be.

If however parents are fighting or unhappy or divorced, then a child only has a negative example how never to be. Based on that negative example, a child may grow up and avoid all the mistakes made by parents, yet still has to figure out how the positive way of being male man or female woman would be.

The only efficient and direct way to heal your inner woman or man is a direct relationship to God.

God's love can heal any injury no matter how old or deep. To experience God's healing passion, you need to open for God first. Then you need repeated time for God love to flow into and through you to achieve inner healing. Kriya Yoga is one such powerful sacred practice that opens for God and directs God's all healing love into all chakras, into all aspects of a human being until complete healing is achieved.

Jesus teachings on love give you a complete and thorough guide for your entire life, for all aspects of your life from work to family and recreation. Only a truly loving life can be a solid ground to start a lasting romance and relationship between a woman and a man. The complete process of inner healing may take from a single moment in deepest love prayer to God or a few years of steady deepening Kriya Yoga practice. It all depends on how open for God you are and how much time you allow God to heal you.

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