Fall in Love for Summer! 3 Easy Ways to Find Your Soulmate '3 Is Weird But Effective!'

Fall in Love for Summer! 3 Easy Ways to Find Your Soulmate '3 Is Weird But Effective!'

Who else is ready to fall in love? Are you sick and tired of focusing time, energy and effort on work, or responsibilities or daily chores that have made life start to feel like a GRIND? Do you find yourself often alone in moments where you crave company and companionship? Do you wonder why so many other people have such amazing luck when it comes to  YOURS seems stuck like "chuck"? Want to know the truth? You may feel  you've got A LOT of company! According to a recent Gallup  our lives have become busier, and while we "seem" more connected, the truth is, those of us who are NOT in a relationship feel more alone than ever before.

The good news? There are easy ways to recapture the spark in your  finally find the LOVE and romance you've been looking for all along. And there is NO better time of year to fall in love (or LUST) than SUMMER!

Let's take a quick look at 3 of my FAVORITE ways to make it  in a hurry!

The Digital Dating Revolution (It's NOT so Strange Anymore!)

Want to know the truth? I was at a wedding a few weeks ago, where the chaplain said that he now does more weddings due to relationships that began through online dating sites, than any other conventional method there is. I don't care how old you  how many failed relationships you've been through. If you've got the DESIRE to date, you can meet your match online. Even better? No matter how picky or particular you are, there are specific "niche" dating sites set up to accommodate your needs, be they quirky or conventional! (and trust me.....I've tried a few of both!)

The Wisdom of Crowds (Get INVOLVED!)

I'm often NOT a person who loves getting lost in a crowd. But when it comes to meeting new people and falling in love, there is no better way than to get involved in groups of people who share your  purpose and enjoy the same things you do. Summer is just about the BEST time of year to get involved in activities and events you have passion for....simply because there are so many things happening! For example? I've had 2 friends get married in the past year from quirky community groups they joined last summer. (1 a meditation group that met in a park every week to  the other, a psychic development class - go figure!)

Get a LOVE Compatibility Reading (Don't  REALLY work!)

Speaking of psychic development, did you know that having a love compatibility reading can improve your odds of falling (and staying) in love by over 50%? It's  an emotional intuitive or even love astrological reading can do WONDERS for your romantic self confidence It can re-affirm your emotional instincts and clarify EXACTLY what you already know in your  haven't admitted out loud.
I'm a huge believer that we each have a unique karmic connection to the universe and to each  that there is ONE special soul out there waiting for each of us. Your destiny IS to find and fall in love. Unfortunately, for many of us, we're too BUSY (or exhausted) to get out and get it..:-) Sound like YOU?

If it  you are anything like ME, a love compatibility reading is about the easiest way to get BACK on  make it happen in a hurry!

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