Get To Know The Biochemistry Of Falling In Love

Get To Know The Biochemistry Of Falling In Love

Falling head over heels makes you feel really happy. However, this passion-induced euphoria can cause you to actually lose your mind. Psychologists say that when you are in love, your body tends to produce increased mood altering chemicals that can cloud the part of your brain that is responsible for inducing your rational thought. Read the good, bad and the quiet ugly aspects of being in the euphoria of romance.


When you know that you have a man to love and to hold, everything in the world becomes brighter - suddenly, you forget that your boss is from hell, your messy apartment has become suddenly cozy, and you think that you could survive in the dessert without water, as long as your man is around to snuggle with. When you fall for somebody, a certain part of your brain that is rich in a stimulant called dopamine is activated, thus causing you to fill exhilarated. The intensity of that joy spills out into the different aspects of your life, justifying whatever negative things that may be going on, and makes you look life positively. You will also be probably producing increased norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter that stimulates your sex drive, which is by the way, associated with increased memory, thus, you recall even the teensiest detail of your blossoming love. This is your brain's way of ensuring that you cherish every moment the two of you share.


Surely, falling in love place you in the center of the happy zone, but it can also be hazardous. That part of your brain called the amygdala, a part of your brain associated with fear. The activity in this area decreases, thus, you have higher chances of jumping into fearful situations, given the consequences. So, this explains why you rather go to movies with your man rather than to go work on time.


Since love generates activity in the dopamine-rich areas of your brain associated with rewards, you become as addicted to your man, as you would be to a drug, or chocolate. This explains why most women feel sky high when they are with their man, and feel rock bottom without them. The lovesick blues may be linked to a decrease in serotonin, a brain chemical that keeps us happy.

Surely, you don't want to go that exhilarating feeling of finding a new romance. You nurture it, enjoy the highs, but are prepared for the lows. Remember that there is a thin line between being negative and being realistic, though. Smartly deal with your newfound love in a mature way so that you can be assured that you still become the woman your guy has fallen in love with, not some chemically induced psycho who has gone so crazy in love.

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