Florida Marlins Tickets - Manatees And Mermaids In Miami

Florida Marlins Tickets - Manatees And Mermaids In Miami

When you imagine a mermaid, youve got it , actually, when you think of a manatee, youve got that right too. Recent dance auditions and tryouts made for a defiant and lively mix for those who came to Miami in hopes of joining the Florida Marlins cheerleading squad and pep boys and there was no lack of attraction.

For the Mermaids, over 100 ladies showed up with dance shoes on, happy faces and eager petite figures ready to boogie their way into being selected for the 2009 season. The dance routines were not simple by a long shot but those who could keep up with the choreographed|arranged|stage-managed] steps the best were compensated with a pass thru to the next level of tryouts, or should we say eliminations.

Choreographer Vanessa Martinez-Huff was on hand to put the crowd through tough dance moves that had to be learned swiftly and then executed in front of a panel of judges. When youre here, everybodys looking at you and theres so much stress on you, said Stephanie Hernandez, who was one of the fortunate women selected.

Even the best Mermaids from last season have to try out again. Theres a lot of competition going on here, returning Mermaid Glenda commented. We never know whos going to get picked. There were a lot of pretty girls here. A lot who can dance.

Thirty-seven finalists were selected and will head off to a one-week boot camp soon. At camp, the girls will have to learn several new dances a day and work hard to win the vote for a group of 25 who will be selected at a ceremony being held in Hollywood, Florida.

Tryouts for the Manatees, on the other hand, were a different scene where 21 overweight, diehard guys with little or no dancing experience showed off their rotund figures and played around free styling the afternoon away. Big people can move to, said Tiny, who weighs 400 pounds and is the biggest Manatee of the group. Its not all about the skinny people.

All 21 Manatees were selected. You have to be a huge Marlins fan, obviously, Mr. Mantastic said.

Its about 70 percent personality, 30 percent dance technique and dance ability, Martinez-Huff said.

For the Manatees is about following the beat but more about entertaining the crowd. Manatees have to love entertaining the crowd and getting them pumped up. You have to be enthusiastic, said Mr. Mantastic. Its not even so much about how well you dance; its about your personality. Have fun.

Thanks to vice president Sean Flynns idea that dancing fat men between innings would be a good idea, the Manatees have become an overnight hit. The attention that these guys receive is unbelievable, Flynn said. I dont think anybody in the organization expected the media frenzy that these guys had from the beginning even before the auditions.

This is the second year of performances for the Manatees. The Mermaids have been performing since 2004.

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