Poems And Birthday Text Messages

Poems And Birthday Text Messages

Birthdays are a very festive occasion that comes every year and a person is very happy on this particular day mostly because this day is all about them. People send wishes and cards and almost every time a party is given to the person or demands of treat are piled up on the person. People are quite enthusiastic about this day and most of the people who cannot join in for the festivities send Birthday SMSs so that they too can be a part of the person's big day.

On the other hand we have poems, most of the people who don't understand this art ask that why poetry is so important? What they don't understand is that poetry is the best way of explaining what you really feel. Expression is the most vital thing there is when it comes to script. There are thousands of people who have really good ideas and concepts but are not good at expressing them and for this reason they don't often succeed at writing but then there are people who are average and have common ideas and thinking about things but they have a certain way of expressing these ideas that makes them really good and also it attracts the listener.

People rather listen to individuals who express in a good way than to those who have good ideas but no expression. These individuals are aware of what they are saying and what they have to say so that it affects the listener and also maintains interest. A person cannot listen to someone who does not know how to clear his point or is not good at it. People will lose interest and it would lead to a monotonous debate. A person who knows how to get his point across captivates the audience. People hang on to every word and try to see from the perspective of that person.

They can also convince people easily. When a person writes he keeps in mind a number of things. It is basically a way of expressing the strong emotions a person feels and there is nothing better to do so than write. There are different things that a person can write but the thing that is most feelings orientated is a poem. Poems can be of different kinds and can be written differently but the way they are written tells about the emotions and ideas of the poet very clearly.

Funny SMSs are of a totally different kind. Though these messages have categories too, they can be sent to anyone as the main point of these messages is to make people laugh which they clearly do. Most of these text messages are written by companies that want to induce texting so that they can gain profit but there are those people as well who are very good at composing jokes and forward their own creations to other people to make them laugh. Funny SMSs are usually high in demand.

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