Is It Love? 7 Ways to See If You're Dating The Right Person

Is It Love? 7 Ways to See If You're Dating The Right Person

Sure, you've gone on a few dates and had some fun - or maybe you've been together for a few months, or even a few years - but how do you really know if the person you're dating is "The One"?
Here are 7 ways to see if the person you're dating is Mr./Miss Right or Mr./Miss Wrong:

1. Both of you are better together.

It sounds like a cliche, but a good relationship really will make both parties stronger. That's because you've got a partner who you can count on to help you and encourage you. If you and your significant other seem to bring out the worst in each other - like being jealous, possessive, abusive, or insecure - you're dating the wrong person.

2. You think of your significant other as your best friend.

In healthy relationships, both parties have friends to hang out with, but in the end, your significant other should be your best friend. You should be able to laugh together and you should look forward to spending time together. But if you don't feel like you can tell your significant other anything, if you'd rather hang out with your buddies than your girlfriend or if you confide in your sister more than your boyfriend, then you're with the wrong person.

3. You and your significant other trust each other completely.

Great relationships can't exist without trust. If you're always fighting the urge to dig through your boyfriend's text messages when he's not looking or if your girlfriend is always giving you the third-degree about where you went and who you saw, you're not dating the right person. When you're with the right person, there's no such thing as jealousy or secrets.

4. You're both free to share your opinions.

You and your significant other may not always agree, but you should always respect how the other one feels. When you have differing opinions, do the two of you find a compromise - or does everything turn into a major argument?

5. You agree on the big things.

While you will disagree from time to time, you and your significant other should share the same views on the big stuff - like finances, child-raising, and spirituality. These things are too tough to compromise on and you don't want to spend the rest of your life fighting over them.

6. You love each other - not just the idea of "love".

Sadly, lots of people are in relationships simply because they don't want to be alone. If your only motivation for staying with your significant other is that you're tired of being single, then you're dating the wrong person.

7. Your gut tells you that you're with "the one".

Only you know if the person you're dating is "the one". If your gut is telling you otherwise, it's time to get out and get back on the market!

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