Is Love Spell Better Than Reality

Is Love Spell Better Than Reality

Love something that can happen to anyone in his or her life. The first question is what is love? Love is a universal concept related to affinity with different interpretations depending upon the point of view of the people. Love spell basically means that when a person falls in love with some other person and realizes that living without that person is quite difficult. The next question that comes to mind after this is, that, is love spell really better than reality, when it comes to the relations among two people. Different people respond with different answers to this question.

If someone is all about facts and reality and statistics, he is quite surprised to find if someone he knows has took up the path of love spell when it comes to relationships. It is astounding for him as he does not believe in such kind of feeling, in the same way if someone does not believe in such kind of supernatural powers that are beyond one's control then he would probably laugh at this idea and say that it is totally ridiculous. On the other hand a large amount of people believe it to be a valuable resource that they can use in their date lives. So as mentioned above all kinds of answers regarding this question can be obtained.

Love spell can be an interesting way to look at your dating life and discover that what you truly want in your partner and the main thing in this concept however is that you have to think about your ideal match. The only real danger in this kind of thing is that when you are in a love spell then you might allow your partner to take an upper hand in your relationship and dating strategy, which might cause problems later on for you. Another problem with love spells is that the person you are crazy about may not be sincere with you as you are only looking up his or her good qualities and in the end he or she might deceive you, which is quite a painful experience.

On the other hand when it comes to the realistic approach the benefit to you is that you make calculated decisions after knowing about your partner's background and personality, you don't just speed up the process and look only at what you want to see in your partner. This can really improve your dating success rate and the main control still remains in your hand, unlike love spell, where your partner takes complete control of the situation and you are helpless. The drawback to this approach is that when compared with love spell, then some of the magic is lost, that is, you never get to experience what the feeling of love is like and moreover, love is quite a strong force and it can results in much stronger ties with your partner as compared to the realistic approach.

So a final answer cannot be concluded as there is no way in the world to prove which method is better, as there are success and failures in both of these methods, it totally depends upon the individuals personality, that what is he like and what does he wants to do with his relationships.

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